Outdoor Garden Statues – Different Varieties and Types

Koi fountainThere is certain emptiness to a garden if it has not been supplemented with something unique and original. Even though nature is amazingly beautiful and wonderful, it can simply provide a lot. A garden that has a green lawn and some amazing flowers and plants would be found somewhat drab by most of the people who see it or sit in it, regardless of what the landscaping is like or how rare the vegetation is. There are some missing pieces in the gardens like these are the outdoor garden statues. The garden statues can bring about an instantaneous change in the way your garden is looked at mostly because of the contrast the statue would bring to the usual greenery. Moreover, a garden statue can impart a sense of stability which acts as a sophisticated counterpoint to the ever varying feature of nature.

There are several different kinds of outdoor garden statues that you being a garden owner can place within your garden. This sort of statue that is chosen depends mainly on your personal preferences and the kind of effect you wish to impart into your garden. This basically translates into 3 aspects which include the kind of material you may want to use, the statue’s content and the overall mood. Below are some vital details:


The very aspect that you need to consider here is the kind of material that you want your statue to be in. There are literally hundreds of options to choose from but three prime contenders are resin, metal and stone. Having a stone garden statue would result in the owner being reminded of the Greek or Old school Roman statues that used to still amongst the major gardens, palaces and monuments of those times. Options with the stone statues can vary from anything exquisite like marble to something solid such as granite.

birds on a log statue


There are primarily 3 things that garden statues generally depict. This includes human figures, animals and some kind of architecture like arches or pedestals. Your choice is entirely dependent on your own preference and likes.

leaping salmon fountain


Different kinds of garden statues communicate a different mood to a garden. For instance, garden gnomes as well as flamingoes have been one of the most preferred choices for people for a long time can add a playful mood to your garden. Moreover, you can have garden statues of famous people as well. This makes the garden a very calm, serene, and relaxing place to be in.

sleeping cat statue

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