Top Benefits of Organic Pest Control

Organic Pest ControlDid you know that store-bought pesticides contain toxic ingredients that are actually doing more harm than good? The use of inorganic methods to control pests is wrong for so many reasons. If you are not using natural pesticides for your lawn yet, this article will tell you why you need to change that immediately.

Why go the organic way?

Needless to say that all food or plants you grow on soil that has been treated with organic pesticides will be healthier and fresher. In fact, you may have noticed that the fruits and veggies you grow on naturally treated lawns are more flavorful and robust. At the same time, consuming this product will eliminate the chemical intake via food that may be causing irreparable damage to your body.

Other notable benefits of using organic pesticides include betterment of soil in the long run. When you use chemicals pesticides, you inadvertently make the soil unusable for other people in the future. Organic variant, on the other hand, maintains the texture and nutrient component of the soil. Moreover, contrary to the popular belief, using organic products is actually more economical in the long run. While you may have to pay a little more to buy the natural pesticides, they pay for themselves in the future by making the soil more potent and nutritious. As a result, switching to organic pesticides is actually more cost-effective, whether it is for your home garden or large crop fields.

Why Portland

If you are a resident of Portland, then you are no stranger to the pest issue. Regular pest control is a must because Portland has a real need for pest control, the City Council has recently passed an ordinance that makes it mandatory to use organic products for maintenance of your lawns. Starting July 2019, it is not only advisable but also compulsory to switch to organic pesticides.

The use of toxic chemicals is a huge burden on the environment, the natural ecosystem, and also your health. The government’s recent regulation on toxic pesticide ban is a step in the right direction and also a good opportunity to beat nature with nature. The crawling insects, rodents, and pests can be a real annoyance if left to their own devices, not to mention the damage they do to your health and property. By using organic methods, you can get rid of these intruders, improve the health of your gardens, and also that of the environment.

Here are some conscious reasons to go green, the law compulsion notwithstanding:

Reduce the carbon footprint

The main reason to use natural pest control methods is to reduce the carbon footprint and encourage preservation of the environment. Organic pesticides are eco-friendly and cause no harm to your environs, whereas the synthetic products can wreak havoc on everything it touches. Moreover, natural products release little to no greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. As a result, they have no adverse impact on the environment while getting the job done!

Maintains Ecosystem

The natural food chain is disrupted heavily by the use of chemicals in the soil. Toxic sprays not only kill the insects but also the ecosystem by disrupting the food chain. Natural pest control methods, on the other hand, use predators to prey on insects so that the invaders are eliminated without affecting the ecosystem.

Easy on the Environment

Eco-friendly pest control methods don’t hurt the environment the way chemicals do. You must have seen how unhappy your plants look after they have been sprayed with chemicals. If you want to keep your landscape happy and bountiful, then nourish your plants with methods that aide their growth while resolving the pest issue.

Safe to Use

Organic pesticides are incredibly safe to use around kids and pets. You never know what your pet is going to eat off the ground. Think of your children who are always digging in the garden to look for something! Do you really want to expose them to a toxic environment? You can get these worries off your hands if you use natural products that will cause no harm to anyone.


When you use chemicals too often, the pests become resistant to them. This resistance just doesn’t end here, it can be passed on to the next generation and the next one.

Environment-friendly products may not work as quickly as the chemical ones, but they are sustainable solutions that are incredibly effective in keeping the pests away.

You can buy natural pest control products from a store or whip up your own homemade DIY organic pesticide by using the following ingredients:

1. Neem Oil: This potent oil works wonders in eliminating pests from your garden. You can either mix a few drops of neem oil with water in a spray can or make natural neem pesticide by using the tree leaf. All you need is a ½ ounce of highly concentrated neem oil mixed with ½ teaspoon of organic soap solution. Mix the two in two quarts of water, add it in a spray bottle and use it on your plants immediately.
2. Salt Spray: If your plants are being victimized by spiders, then you can use Himalayan Crystal salt mixed in a gallon of warm water. Just spritz the solution on the infected areas to naturally eliminate the pests.
3. Cayenne Pepper & Citrus Oil: Take one teaspoon of cayenne pepper and mix it with 10 drops of citrus essential oil in a cup of warm water. Shake the solution well and spray on the pest-infested area.
4. Eucalyptus Oil: This is one of the best natural methods to get rid of bees, wasps, and flies in your lawn. Just take a highly potent version of eucalyptus oil and sprinkle it where you see the insects. You will see them scurrying away from your precious plants almost immediately.

Organic pest control methods are necessary to control the pest situation without hurting the environment. By eliminating the use of toxic chemicals, you will do yourself and your future generations a huge favor!

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