3 Important Factors to Buy a Perfect Cordless Lawn Mower

Cordless Lawn Mower

Using a cordless electric lawn mower is pretty simple. Also, choosing the right one for your needs is simple. To know the differences between various cordless lawn mowers, you have to consider a few factors. Here they are.

1. Push-Style or Self-Propelled

You can choose between push-style mower and self-propelled mower.

A push-style cordless lawn mower needs you to supply the power required to move the machine in forward and backward direction. Usually push-style mowers offer more budget-friendly options.

On the other hand, a self-propelled cordless lawn mower has its rear wheels powered to drive the machine forward and reverse. While operating the machine, all you need to do is to control the speed and direction the mower travels in. This makes it easier to use the mower and less fatigue for you.

2. Type of Battery

The biggest reason behind the popularity of a cordless lawn mower is the convenience it offers by eliminating the need of dragging an extension cord around the lawn. Battery-operated lawn mowers offer the freedom of gas mowers but without requiring refueling.

The batteries used in cordless electric lawn mowers are of two types:

  1. Lithium-ion batteries
  2. Lead-acid batteries

Each of these types generates a range of voltages, giving anywhere from 18 to 120 volts of power. The higher the voltage, the longer the mower will run and the more grass can be cut.

Lithium-ion batteries typically store more energy and hold a charge for longer than rechargeable lead-acid batteries. However, lead-acid batteries are supposed to be more corrosion-resistant.

Regardless of the type of battery you choose, cordless mower’s batteries hold their charge for longer in general. You can even recharge some of them up to 500 times.

3. Mulch or Not to Mulch

After you mow the lawn, the question arises of grass clippings that have resulted. Here too you get two options to deal with the grass clippings:

  • Mulching
  • Bagging

When you choose the option of mulching, the clippings will be left on the ground after you mow. Several cordless lawn mowers process these clippings to the extent of making them finely chopped so that they decay and add nutrients to the soil.

On the other hand, the option of bagging allows you to bag the clippings. Though several people prefer to operate their cordless mowers sans any attachments for a smooth experience, some mowers can be added a bag that will go on catching all the clippings. Bagging allows you to make your lawn look neat and clean.

So, have you started looking for a cordless lawn mower based on these criteria?

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