HoneyComb Hives – Use Your Garden for Beekeeping in an Innovative Way

HoneyComb HivesYou can use your garden as a relaxing place for which you install pergola or gazebo, create a seating area, or a swimming pool or even a waterfall and fire features, statues, fountains and more. But have you ever thought of developing another hobby or earning from your garden & helping the environment and nature?

We are talking of a hobby of beekeeping! And instead of the typical stacks of rectangular hives (which have been proven ineffective to help bees survive well), you can use the innovative HONEYCOMB HIVES: Beekeeping Systems Totally Reimagined!

What are HoneyComb Hives?

HoneyComb Hives is an innovative project started with an aim to help the declining population of honeybees grow and help beekeepers yield more amount of raw, pure honey that is truly healthy. It has been designed by Doug Lambrecht, a mountain farmer in North Carolina, USA, after four years of research and efforts.

After the now popular removable frame bee hives were patented by Langstroth in 1862, HoneyComb Hives is the first most advanced integrative beekeeping system that has been designed for making beekeeping more appealing, more manageable and more profitable for beekeepers.

This system offers beekeepers the flexibility of selecting hives as well as frame types as per their requirements. And it features the universally-sized Smart Frames, a unique honey harvesting system, useful accessories and logical choices that can be exchanged among their HoneyComb Hive types.

Types of HoneyComb Hives & Accessories

  • Honeycomb Smart Frame: The Smart Frame system makes HoneyComb Hives distinct and integrative. It allows 3/8” bee space for easier bee movement and air circulation.
  • Honeycomb Nuc-Boxes: Nuc-Boxes or Nucleus Hives or Nucs are versatile beekeeping systems that can be built up and transported and can be used to catch swarms, raise queens and overwinter a modest colony.
  • Honeycomb Starter Hives
  • Honeycomb Flex-Hives: These too are truly versatile systems providing everything you need to house small bee colonies.
  • Honeycomb Long Hives: This is a new trend in beekeeping that allows less lifting as well as flexibility of hive management.
  • Honeycomb Fold-Hives: These are not only beautiful to look at but are also very advantageous with an easy access for quick inspections and less bee disturbance.
  • Comb Honey Cups: This is an innovative harvesting system which eliminates the need of uncapping, centrifugal extracting, homogenizing, filtering, pumping, blending and bottling honey. Instead beginning beekeepers can collect honey in these smart-sized cups of pure, raw honey and put a label with the information of their apiary and they can sell this purest form of honey to the world.

So, what do you think now? Are you ready to take beekeeping to the next level and earn more money? Your garden is waiting for the new HoneyComb Hives!

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