Keep Your Garden Neat and Beautiful with Various Tree Services

tree servicesA garden with tall trees, small bushes and shrubs and a lawn is a fantastic addition to a home. It adds a grace and touch of prosperity, besides providing a refuge for the residents to spend time in the company of Nature. However, a garden can provide comfort only when it is well maintained, especially if it has big trees. Big trees in the garden need various types of treatments through which they can be made look beautiful and provide shade and other comforts to optimum extent. Here are various types of tree services you can have.

Tree Surgery

Trees that suffer from a particular disease or other damage can be provided tree surgeries. The main aim of such a surgery is to eliminate the possibility of permanent damage. Some problems which incur a tree surgery are pest infestation, fungal infection or any such disease. The surgery typically involves removal of affected and dead branches, and removal or treatment of the parts of the trunk which are damaged by pests or disease.

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Pruning and Shaping

These two offer various advantages. Some problem trees can be given pruning and shaping treatments to avoid any potential hazard, and need not necessarily be removed. With pruning and shaping, only those branches are removed that are or may be problematic to the property or electric wires.

Pruning and shaping, if done properly, may also help the trees to grow in a healthy way because dead or damaged branches are removed through it.

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Tree Removal

When a tree becomes dangerous to the residents of home and community, it should be sadly removed. In that case you need tree removal service. The tree may become a disturbing element because its branches may meddle with electric wires, or if it located too near a property or your home, its roots may harm the foundation of the property, or it may be a potential hazard in the event of a storm.

Law does not always allow tree removal, so you cannot just get a tree removed. If a tree is indeed a potential hazard, you will need a special permit to remove it from your local authority. The arborists you will invite for tree removal may help you in acquiring the necessary permit.

Land Clearing

If you plan a construction or other project like cattle raising or farming, on a land where there are trees, you can use land clearing service.

Auxiliary Services

Secondary services too are sometimes needed, like stump grinding. These include taking away tree stumps that are left behind after felling of trees. Some other auxiliary services are composting and mulching which are done using by-products of stump grinding.

Kings Cuts Tree Services provide all these and many other tree services. They are passionate about their work, do all kinds of tree services, fully qualified for the job, honest and eco-friendly.

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