Long Island Pumpkin Harvest with Hicks Nurseries – You Cannot Afford to Miss It

Long Island Pumpkin Harvest with Hicks Nurseries

When you love gardening and have a beautiful, well-maintained garden around your home, it’s the most likely that you want your children to love and indulge into gardening too. It’s true that you can always make them work in your own garden by giving them easy tasks like watering plants, removing dry leaves etc. But if you take them outdoors where they can get gardening opportunities, it’s not only good for their gardening skill development but also for their overall development because they get a chance to see different plants and people, know how various gardens work, and have a great outdoor fun.

If you are looking for such a wonderful experience for your kids, how about taking them to the Long Island Pumpkin Harvest?

At Long Island, New York, along with pumpkin picking, you and your kids can enjoy the amazing fall colors, explore historic sites, go for a hike and have some Halloween fun as well.

So, if you are now eager to visit Long Island and wondering which farm to visit to enjoy pumpkin harvest, Hicks Nurseries is a place to consider. Here’s why.

Hicks Nurseries - fresh produce

Why Hicks Nurseries?

Hicks Nurseries is the largest garden center of Long Island with virtually everything you might need to enjoy and make your day. They have more than a dozen display gardens that make selection of plants easy for you. They also have mix and match patio furniture in-stock and ready for delivery. They also provide garden design services. All in all, you can bring your dream garden to reality and have beautiful garden furniture for discounted rates, and thus get a garden that you’ll be proud of.

Hicks Nurseries - garden furniture

Some other goodies they offer are:

Fall Harvest

Hicks Nurseries have the largest selection of the best harvest of pumpkins and fall plants for the season. They have a great variety of produce including cheese pumpkins, peanut pumpkins, Cinderella pumpkins, mystic pumpkins, butternut and acorn squash, gooseneck squash, turban squash, fairytale squash and many more. To add to the fun, you can also enjoy the famous Otto the Ghost.

Hicks Nurseries - Otto the Ghost


Hicks Nurseries have a one-stop-shop for fresh cut and realistic artificial Christmas trees, holiday décor and decorations. Their experts will help you choosing the Christmas tree and lights needed for it, and also design a special garland or wreath for you.

Hicks Nurseries - Christmas trees

All Garden Supplies

Whether it’s lawn care, birding, vegetables, fruits, herbs, pottery, fountains, statuary, houseplants, outdoor furniture or accessories, you name it and you’ll get it at Hicks Nurseries for your garden.

Hicks Nurseries - fountain

So, have you started planning to enjoy Long Island pumpkin harvest with Hicks Nurseries?

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