Top 5 Precautions to Take while Using a Hedge Trimmer

using a hedge trimmerHedge trimmers are an essential tool for a homeowner who has maintained a garden around the home. This tool helps you keep your bushes and shrubs in the best shape. Powered trimmers are of course more useful than manual trimmers because they need less effort and do the job more efficiently. Late winter is the best time to trim your hedges before they start producing buds. If you undertake the job later in the season, you have to cut too much and that can cause damage to the plants and prolong their blooming time. Once you do initial trimming, you can carry on your routine maintenance all through the year. Here are some precautions to take while using your hedge trimmer.

1. Check Weather


Check weather before starting trimming. Never trim while it’s raining. This is particularly important while using an electric trimmer as water and electricity don’t go together and it can be a safety hazard.

If the weather is amicable, check your tool if it’s properly working and not damaged. If it is damaged, either you have to get it first repaired from a professional or purchase a new one. Choose one of the best hedge trimmers by reading reviews and tips on how to buy the best one. If you are using an electric trimmer, make sure the cable is long enough to allow you to reach wherever you want. If it is not sufficiently long, you have to use an extension lead. However never use more than one extension cord at a time.


2. Check the Surrounding


Along with the weather, you should also check the surrounding if it is safe. E.g. there should not be children or pets playing around in the garden. If they are, mark off a safe zone for them so that they won’t come where you are working.


3. Wear Suitable Clothing and Footwear


You should wear clothing that will let you move freely, be durable and tight fitting. This will prevent them from coming in the way of cutting. Your shoes too should be sturdy and non-slipping to provide you firm footing. You should also preferably use gloves and goggles.


4. Remove Dead Leaves and Debris


It’s important to go out and collect any dead leaves and debris because they can get stuck and jam your hedge trimmer. By removing them your trimming job becomes a lot easier.


5. Use the Trimmer Carefully


Hold the trimmer in both the hands and then turn it on and start trimming the hedge or cutting the bush from bottom towards upper side in a circular motion. This will help move the branches away from the hedge and enable you to see where you are going to cut next. Take your time and work at a speed that is convenient to you. If you rush, there are chances of accidents.

Follow these tips and make your garden look neat and tidy with a perfect tool and safe way of working.

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