Top Points to Consider for Choosing a Perfect Lawn Mower

choosing a perfec lawn mowerIf you are looking for a perfect lawn mower for your garden, you might have felt daunted with the range of them available. However, if you take a few things into consideration, the choosing process will be easy for you. Here they are.

Choosing a Lawn Mower by Powering Type


You can first consider which type of lawn mower you want.

Cylinder Lawnmower: These mowers have a series of blades in their front that rotate against another fixed blade and level lawns. They do their jobs nicely with fine cuts suitable to ornamental gardens. They come in electric, hand-pushed or petrol-powered models and with a range of cutting widths. However, with these lawn mowers, you have to mow the lawn frequently to make it look great always.

Rotary Lawnmower: These mowers can handle various types of lawns, like sloping banks and rougher grass. They use blades rotating horizontally at the selected cutting height and come in petrol-powered or electric models. They are great for a family garden even if you don’t use them regularly.

Hover Lawnmower: As clear from the name, these mowers hover above the grass. They are rotary mowers floating on a cushion of air. They are very lightweight and so, easy to push and easily maneuverable. Thus they are perfect for garden features like flower beds, borders and curved edges.

Cordless Lawnmower: These can be battery-operated or petrol-operated. They are becoming increasingly popular due to their performance and lower prices of lithium ion batteries. Petrol-powered models offer range and power benefits of an engine and with extra power available they can even be self-propelled making them easier to push on big lawns.


Choosing by Garden Size


Choosing between petrol, battery and electric powered lawnmowers comes down to how large your lawn is.

Small Lawn: An obvious choice for small lawns is electric mower because of low cost, easy storage and being lightweight.

Medium Lawn: There are wide choices for medium-sized lawns. Electric mowers are light and easy to use, while cordless battery-operated mowers are even quicker and easier to use giving you an additional benefit of mowing freely without cables. Petrol mowers offer maximum power and runtime without a cord.

Large Lawn: Here you will need mower with a larger cutting width and ease in pushing. Cordless petrol-powered or battery-powered mowers offer freedom to move around the large lawn without the hassle of cable. There are even self-propelled petrol mowers available that make pushing even easier.

Consider these points to have a perfect mower for your garden and feel proud to have a forever neat lawn.

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