5 Plants that are Super Easy to Grow Indoors

easy to grow herbsDo you want to make a hobby of gardening? But alas, don’t you understand how to make it because of lack of space? There is a fantastic solution. Here are 5 herbs that are super easy to grow in a small space whether it’s an apartment or a house. They will make you enjoy your hobby of gardening and also will provide you the freshest herbs every day to add to your cooking to make your culinary preparations ultra yummy!

1. Basil

Basil is known worldwide for its goodness as a herb. It not only brings taste to food items, but also offers various health benefits, like relieving cough and cold, detoxifying body, purifying blood and preventing uterus-related problems. It has got a tangy flavor which goes well with potatoes, beans, peas, chicken dishes, tomato sauce and salads. Basil can be planted with seeds as well as seedlings. Best is to first sowing lots of seeds in soil in a pot. When baby plants will shoot out from the soil, gently take out each of them and plant them again in groups. This will give you strong plants. Keep in a sunny place.

2. Bay Leaf

Bay leaf is another tangy herb that you can use in chicken dishes, stews, gumbos and sauces. It can be best grown as a seedling. Prefer to plant in a pot from which you can transfer the taproot when the roots would shoot out from the bottom. If you keep it outside, bring it in during the frost period. You can place it on your kitchen window where it will do best.

3. Chives

Chives are a fine replacement or companion for onion, and can be added in the starting or at the end of cooking a dish. You can use them with potato dishes, salads, poultry and eggs, and sauces. Plant bulbs in damped soil and place the pot in a sunny spot. If you place it outdoors, bring it in during winter.

4. Dill

Dill is a family member of parsley and has a pungent tang and strong aroma. You can use it in cucumber yogurt sauces, salmon, salads, peas, eggplant pickle and cabbage.

You can plant dill with seeds or clumps. Best time to plant it is from October to start of spring. This is an ideal plant for indoors and is drought resistant, but will flourish if watered.

5. Mint

Mint is a flavorful aromatic herb that you can use to add a pleasant punch to many dishes like lamb, salads, fish and even teas and desserts! Plant it with seeds or you can buy a seedling from an organic grocer and plant it. Supply plenty of water and sun, and watch it thriving!

This information is courtesy to Desima.co. Visit their website for a wealth of information on plants, how to grow them, various uses of plants, and much more.

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