Garden Out of Garbage

garden from garbageIf you are fond of gardening but are a bit short of money when it comes to buying plants, you can create garden from garbage. Surprised? You need not as the cut-off tops of your vegetables and fruits can become very good candidates of your home garden, e.g. carrots, avocados, pineapples and more. Let’s see what we can do the best out of waste.

By and large, a carrot plant is very easy to grow and one of the most beautiful home plants. You just need to keep its upper cut-off part in a dish with a little water and see how tiny fibrous roots grow below and lovely lush green leaves grow on the upper side to form a cute home plant. After it goes considerably, you can repot it in soil.

Onion is another easy to grow home plant. You just have to cut its root part with some of its flesh attached and plant it just below the soil where it can get enough sun. Within a few months, you will have a new onion grown, which you will come to know when its stalk becomes yellow. Keep on planting the remaining part of onion like this and you can save some cash on your groceries.


This is wonderful, isn’t it – if you can plant a pineapple plant? You will need to give some extra care, but it is surely possible. Take the leafy part of the fruit along with a 1/4th inch of the flesh attached. Scrape out the flesh and let the top air dry for some days. Take a pot with moistened rooting media like perlite or vermiculite and press the pineapple top in it. Keep the media moist all the time and you will be pleasantly surprised to see roots growing within a month or two. Then shift the plant into a new pot and keep in a sunny location.

Growing celery from its leftovers is also quite easy. While chopping up the veggie, leave its base intact. Set this base in water for a week. Keep changing the water every two days. In about a week, you will find yellow leaves growing from the center of the plant and the outer stalk will start drying. This is the time, when you can plant your celery in soil. Celery being a cool-weather plant, it will need a warm temperature but it should not be too hot.

Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes
When potatoes grow eyes, people throw them away. Why not make use of them in growing new potatoes and a cute garden plant for you? The eyes are actually buds for new plants. For planting a potato, chop them into pieces each with a couple of eyes on it. Plant these pieces into moistened potting soil. You will be happy to see them sprouting soon.

If you want to plant sweet potato, you will have to plant the entire potato in the moist soil.

sweet potato
Next time save avocado pits from being thrown into garbage and grow them in new avocado plants. Wash these pits and remove the flesh. Press the wider (bottom) part in dampened rooting media. You will get the new plant within three months, which you can repot in soil.
There is also another fantastic method of planting avocado. Insert 2-3 toothpicks in the avocado pit and keep it hung on a glass of water with toothpicks supporting it on the rim of the glass. You will see root growing below. Insert toothpicks only deep enough to give support and not more.

You can also grow plants of fruits like apple, cherries and oranges from their seeds instead of throwing them in garbage. However, you won’t get the same quality of fruits from such plants. But anyway you are growing them in order to view some greenery around you, and not for fruits, right? Besides the much desired greenery, if you are getting fruits and veggies, it should be considered as an added bonus. So, next time instead of bluntly throwing off the leftovers of veggies and fruits, remember to save them and create a lovely home garden from them.

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