3 Easy DIY Landscaping Tips for Your Garden

Castle Rock LandscaperYou may be asking yourself how to change your garden, make it more beautiful and enjoyable for your whole family, but it’s definitely not easy to find a simple answer. There are so many options out there and it’s no wonder that it’s so hard to choose only a few. Besides, you have to keep certain parameters in mind such as your skills, the climate, the budget etc. However, there are some easy tips and tricks that apply to the majority of gardens. By listening to our advice you’ll get a beautiful garden for yourself and your family fast!

1) Year-Round Interest

Make sure to include something in your garden for every season of the year. You can do this by thinking of a plan that will keep your garden beautiful during the whole year. If you come up with a good plan, you’ll have shrubs and flowering trees during spring and summer and, on the other hand, fall foliage in autumn with a good structure during the winter period.

2) Flower Beds Layering

It’s always a good idea to layer your flowers in 3 rows. It’s for the best if the back row, that’s preferably facing north, is filled with the tallest plants, the second with the second tallest and so on. In this case, you’ll keep the shortest plants in the 3rd row. If you choose to use repetition, your garden will seem nice and neat, especially if you use it a couple of times elsewhere in the garden. By doing this, you’ll provide a sense of unity for someone who walks in your garden. Try to look up Castle Rock Landscaper for some additional options and professional opinion!

3) Evergreen Plants Provide Continuity

Whilst you may have noticed that the first tip focuses on deciduous trees, it’s important to mention evergreens too. Different types of plants will provide different things for your garden. Deciduous trees will provide your garden will variety and color, which is great, but if you add some evergreen plants, you’ll have continuity in your garden for the whole year long.

These are just some tips to take into consideration before you start working on your garden. The most important thing is to have a clear idea of what you want in your garden, and then follow it. These tips are here to provide you with diverse ideas!

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