Do Hobby Gardeners Need Greenhouses?

Commercial plant producers in most cases require a controlled, protected environment to raise shrubs and starter plants for resale. Greenhouse gardening is, for that reason, for any farmer of crucial importance. However, due to improved construction techniques and advanced materials, in recent years there have appeared various types of greenhouses that are available for sale not only to commercial producers, but also to anybody who likes gardening.

As a matter of fact, it has become quite common nowadays to see beautiful greenhouses in residential gardens.

Why are Greenhouses so Popular among Homeowners and Gardeners?

Obviously, greenhouses are a perfect solution to anyone who wants to extend their gardening season, grow year round or simply dreams of growing flowers that normally wouldn’t survive in certain area. But, what are the reasons for their increasing popularity among hobby gardeners? There are three major causes for this trend and we’ll try to explain them.

Victorian Glasshouse in Liverpool
Modern Greenhouses are Longer Lasting and More Affordable

New materials have increased the lifespan and lowered the construction and maintenance costs of modern greenhouses. Due to these technological advances, manufacturers are able to produce greenhouses of all styles and sizes. For instance, lean to greenhouses are perfect for people who have smaller backyards.

Climate Change Changes Everything

Climate scientists have predicted an increasing strength and frequency of seasonal storms. Although this severely damages crops and topsoil on commercial farms, it affects hobby gardeners too. Outdoor conditions are incredibly uncertain, therefore many people interested in gardening see greenhouses as a way to still enjoy their hobby and/or have a fruitful harvest.

Food Safety Concerns Everyone

We face new reports of outbreaks of foodborne diseases from produce providers each day and that can shake our faith in food security. In order to get organic or healthier, safer food, consumers need to look for rather expensive fruits and veggies. As a result, many people think that it is both cheaper and safer to provide their own food for the family.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Greenhouses

A Glass Greenhouse is a Classic

In addition to above listed three major reasons to have your own greenhouse, there are many more practical advantages in starting or growing crops under shelter. Since there are also some drawbacks regarding garden greenhouses, they will be mentioned too.

  • Extended Season: Having a greenhouse enables gardeners to extend the growing season. First of all, you can start seedlings earlier than it would be possible outdoors. Besides that, growing crops later in the season is less complicated this way.
  • Year-round Fresh Veggies: Gardeners who live in warmer climate zones are able to grow warm and cool weather plants year-round. This is also possible in colder regions, if you purchase a heated or insulated greenhouse model.
  • Harsh Weather Protection: If you grow fragile plants, it’s vital to protect them from wind, heavy rain, late frosts and similar weather conditions. Greenhouses are therefore incredibly useful for seedlings and sprouts.
  • Protection from Animals and Insects: Airborne pests or those hidden in the subsoil can damage seedlings and new sprouts. Birds can damage the upper layer of soil or eat emerging sprouts. That’s why a greenhouse can help your plants grow larger and safer.
  • Watering: You cannot count on seasonal rains, because they won’t be able to reach the plants you grow in your greenhouse. Having a greenhouse, therefore, calls for paying attention to watering and soil moisture levels. Plants grown indoors, in a container, can dry out faster than those grown in the ground, outdoors. This issue can, however, be solved by an automatic watering system.

  • Overheating: If a greenhouse is unvented, it can get extremely hot causing plants to wilt and/or die. Even though most greenhouses have some ventilation, it’s better to opt for automatic vents in order to prevent plants from overheating and losing vigor.

With many accessories, such as greenhouse termometer and hygrometer, both problems can be reduced to a minumum.

Bottom Line

If you’re a hobby gardener missing your favorite pastime in cold winter months, a greenhouse might be just what you need. It is, nonetheless, essential to choose a greenhouse that will meet your own needs and requirements. With a wide range of affordable models, you can surely find something that both fulfills your desires and a greenhouse that suits your budget.

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