Landscaping on a Budget – You Can Still Have an Amazing Garden

landscaping on budgetIf you live pay check to pay check or have a tight budget, you’re certainly not alone. Just because you have limited resources does not mean that you can’t live with a beautifully landscaped yard. If you are willing to put forth the time and effort, you can create a garden that will be a focal point of your home. Here are some inexpensive ways suggested by landscaping contractors that can spruce up your outdoor space.

Hire a Company … For the Tough Stuff

Creating a beautiful garden is more about hard work and perseverance than it is about being able to afford professional landscaping services. While it is true that you can do much of the work yourself, some things are best left to the pros who have equipment and expertise that you probably lack. Landscaping on a budget doesn’t meant that you must do all of the work yourself — just most of it. When you need to have a large tree pruned; new sod laid on a lot with hard, compact dirt; or a mature tree planted or transferred, these jobs are best left to the pros. Shop around, get multiple estimates, and choose a company with a solid reputation.

pruning big tree

Shop the Off Seasons

Plants are the focal point of any garden. They also tend to be expensive. When you are starting a new garden, you’ll want to purchase a mix of evergreens, perennials, and annuals to plant. Resist the urge to head to your local plant shop when the weather is ideal for planting. Instead, be patient. The best time to shop is when mild spring temperatures become hot summer temperatures. Stores will begin to mark down their plants to sell them before they wither and die in the heat. When you can plant them and mulch them, they’ll thrive (at a fraction of the price that everyone else paid.)

purchasing plants

Free Plants

Do you have perennials in your garden? When you prune them, don’t discard the seeds. Keep them, plant them in a pot or area of your garden, nurture them, then transplant them when they grow. Similarly, you can divide many plants, such as like lariope, society garlic, and canna lilies. Dig them up, divide them, then replant.

collecting seeds

Collect rainwater

Don’t want your water bill to skyrocket during the hot weather? Collect rainwater and use it to water your garden. The cost is zero!

collecting rain water

Hiring a company to landscape and maintain your yard is convenient but costly. Do it yourself and you will save money and feel a sense of accomplishment and pride.

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