Simple Landscaping Ideas to Make Big Impact

simple landscaping ideasIf you are convinced that your yard requires a makeover, what you need is to look for some easy landscaping ideas. While you can always hire professionals for getting the job done as per your dreams, some DIY approach too can help you for adding a new touch to your home’s ambience. Visit Simple Landscaping (UK) to get some great landscaping ideas.

Make it Bold

A simplest landscaping idea you can easily implement which professional landscapers too use while designing gardens and landscapes is to grow big patches of same sort of plants to create a bold impression. For instance, a bed of plants can offer a large, bold boom of chartreuse with a gathering of creeping golden Jenny. And it can be contrasted with an accumulation of blue fescue (Elirjah Blue).

make it bold

Try Repetition

Even a hodgepodge can be created by planting one of every type. For example, the golden Jenny creeper on the left side of the deck can be echoed by sweet flag, which will augment the feel of blue fescue, which in turn plays off the bluish-silver color of a pot of false cypress, and so on!

one of each kind

Plants Doing Double Action

If your yard has a limited space you need to get the best from it. One of the great landscaping ideas is to make use of plants doing double (or triple or whatever) action. For example, an espaliered apple tree may provide privacy from the neighbors, offer a nice backdrop for a path curve and of course, will offer a feast of yummy apples in autumn.

espaliered apple tree

Make Plants Create Fun

If you think beyond the routine path, you can get wild ideas to employ plants on duties other than they do naturally. For example, with a slight pruning (and training) an ordinary shrub can go extraordinary. Don’t get scared, since it is easier to do than it seems. It requires pruning only once or twice every year and brings a great impact.

pruned plants

Non-plant Materials

If you are a gardener who gives great attention to plants and not much to landscapes (non-plant objects), consider changing your attitude and see the effect. You can see the dramatic change by getting a team of professional landscapers because they know the magic of plants combined with non-plants, and not ‘plants-only’. You can make your yard far more interesting by creating contrasts, symmetries, balances and imbalances by mixing non-plant objects like cut flagstones, gravel, pebbles, bricks and whatever you can get.

non-plant materials

Bring Geometry to Your Garden

You might not have liked a part of math called geometry in your school days. But you will love it when applied to your garden. Think of triangles, lines and many geometrical shapes to get a lovely-looking garden. A circular lush green patch of lawn is dramatic and so are the parallel straight lines of palms!


Islands to Bring Magic

Normally you would like to arrange all your plant beds and hedges bordering your property. But how about creating an island bed which will float over your plane of lawn? This is a simple idea of landscaping but can bring magic. An island bed is more effective because it adds height to the center of the yard. Additionally one has to walk all around the planting to take a look behind it, which creates a kind of mysterious charm!

island in the landscape

By applying such simple, yet fantastic ideas, you can make your yard look like a colorful fairyland. What you need is a little creativity and taking a non-routine pathway.

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