Top 5 Benefits of Hypertufa Planters and Garden Decoration

hypertufa garden decorationHypertufa is by far one of the most attractive and appealing decorations you can ever add to your garden. Despite being made by we humans (as mostly manmade things look and are much low quality than that made by the nature) it looks beautiful and has so many benefits! You only have to use the right hypertufa recipe and your garden can get a superb look with these awesome examples of human creativity. Here are some distinct benefits of using hypertufa pots in your garden.

1. Unique Look of Ancient Stone

Hypertufa has a unique look of ancient stone. You can amaze your guests by keeping them wondering about from where you would have got it. They give your garden a rich atmosphere which you can get only in wild jungles and at the same time you can manage them easily.

Each garden pot made from hypertufa is unique even if you make it from the same mold that you used for the previous planter because it will have at least a bit of difference. This is because of the mixture you make and the difference brought by your hands each time you make them. The thickness also differs by a certain amount when you make a new hypertufa pot. So, each pot is literally customized for you.

hypertufa planter with pansies

2. Lightweight

Being so lightweight, despite having the look of a stone or cement planter, is a major benefit of a hypertufa planter. They can be heavy particularly if you make very large pots, but are still much lighter than cement pots of the same size. This makes them comfortable to move.

hypertufa planter cart

3. Sky is the Limit for Your Creativity

Your creativity has a lot of scope when you make a hypertufa planter or garden decoration. You can make various shapes like angels, birds, carts or any other elements you want. And then you can decorate its surface in whatever way you like. You can make horizontal or vertical lines, give it the appearance of earth’s crust, draw various pictures like leaves, flowers or whatever you like, when it’s still wet. You can use your metal tools and other garden elements like various types of leaves fallen from trees to create the impressions. You can even use a basket or any other thing you want as a mold and the hypertufa planter will take the imprint of basket-weave or the other thing you have used. You can even carve names on them and gift to your dear ones; or you can carve names of their contents like Rosemary, Sage, Thyme and so on for easy identification.

hypertufa garden decoration birds

4. Cost

If you compare the costs of hypertufa planter and planters made of cement, you will find that making your own hypertufa planter costs you one tenth or even less as that of a cement planter.

5. Withstands Extreme Weather Elements

Make hypertufa planters with thick sides and bottoms and the pots will go on for years adding beauty to your garden. They can withstand even chilling temperatures and look like new even after 8-10 years of use. And also lichens and moss grown on their outer surfaces make them look even lovelier – just fitting the wild natural surrounding in your garden. This quality of endurance is not seen even in cement pots which get crumbled in freezing temperatures.

hypertufa garden decoration human figure

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