What to Look for while Finding Just the Right Lawn Care Company

lawn mowing service

Some or the other time, you have to admit that your lawn needs something more than the care you are giving it. But finding just the right lawn maintenance company is not easy with so many of them around. So, here we’ll take a look at what exactly you should look for.

Types of Lawn Care Services You Need


If your lawn is in good shape, what you’ll need is just a lawn mowing service. This could be temporary (e.g. when you’re super busy or are out of town) or long term. Most lawn mowing companies offer both short and long term services. A short term service is more flexible, but a longer term one will typically be better when it comes to price.


When your lawn is looking less than perfect due to patchy or discolored grass, you’ll have to call in professionals to solve the problem if any. Lawn care professionals are trained to find the problems causing unhealthy-looking lawn by procedures like soil testing.


Depending upon their evaluation of your yard’s requirements, lawn care companies can offer you an individualized remediation plan which may involve the following treatments:

  • Aerating the lawn (when the soil is excessively compact, professionals will remove small “cores” to allow water, oxygen and fertilizers to effectively reach the grass roots)
  • Removal of dead grass (a thick sheet of dead, decomposing grass may form between soil and live grass, which should be removed for a healthy lawn)
  • Weed and pest control
  • Disease management
  • Overseeding
  • Hydroseeding
  • Fertilizing

How to Choose a Perfect Lawn Care Service


Look for companies with checkable local references and unbiased online reviews on forums. You can even make sure if the company is listed with the Better Business Bureau.

Insurance Coverage

People working on your property should be insured with the latest workers compensation and business liability/property coverage – for yours as well as their protection.


The lawn company you’ll hire must be licensed wherever needed by law. As an extra precaution, check whether or not, they are current member of a landscape professionals’ association.


Make sure the professionals are familiar with the specific grass species you’ve planted. You may also have to make sure if they have knowledge of green lawn care including organic fertilizers, drip watering systems and xeriscaping.


Get into a proper contract with the company that should outline the services they will provide, prices, payment details, frequency and guarantee.

Find just the right lawn care company with these tips and you’ll proud of your lush green yard.

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