Make A Garden Bloom Anywhere with Container Gardening

container gardeningContainer gardening is the easiest way to make a lovely colorful garden bloom wherever you are – whether it is a huge estate or a small apartment, in whatever type of weather. No wonder, it has become popular so fast. Even you can start with it. You can use whatever is handy to you as your containers for the garden, like cheap sand buckets, earthen pots, jars, car battery, tyres, broken or cracked pans and pots, and what not! Here are some tips to get a beautiful container garden.

Selection of Container

While selecting your container, you should consider these things. Glazed ceramic pots and plastic pots hold moisture more than terra cotta pots. Terra cotta containers are porous letting the moisture and air pass through their walls. They are said to be “breathing” which has an advantage of preventing overwatering, but has a disadvantage too, that it quickly dries in hot summer weather.

jars container garden

You can use smaller pots during early part of the season. They are perfect for plants like spring bulbs, primroses and pansies. These plants need no constant monitoring and will finish early. However, with summer progressing, plants in bigger pots will fare better. If you choose an earthen pot which is small, it dries out so fast that failure is almost inevitable.

plants with same needs together

Choice of Soil

This is also important. Always make use of a premium brand and make completely sure that it contains no wood chips, because roots of your plants and wood are not compatible. Recycling your soil every year, adding fresh soil and compost to ensure that it is nutritious is a perfect routine for your garden.

changing soil


Even container plants require supplemental nutrition. At the start of the season, make use of a standard fertilizer for a flowering plant which is high in nitrogen, because it promotes growth. As the plants become sizable, you can add a “bloom booster” sort of fertilizer which is high in phosphorous. Phosphorous helps induce vigorous budding and flowering. Make a habit of fertilizing your flowering plant containers about every ten days during the growth season.


Plant Tags

Plant tags are important. They tell you all the necessary information about the plant, like how big it will grow, how much water, sun and nutrition it requires and what care it needs. They also tell you whether the plant is annual or perennial, and if later is the case, which zones it best survives in. So, to make sure that you know your plant well, buy plants with tags, read them carefully and save them.

plant tags

Some More Tips

  • Make a list of what you want before you go for shopping of plants.
  • Place the container where the plant will get enough sun.
  • Make sure that you plant those plants near each other which go well together, regarding need of water and sun. If you combine plants having different requirements, some of them won’t thrive.

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