Wise Orchard – Smart Watering Solution for Your Garden

Wise Orchard smart Wi-Fi water timer valveIf you are wondering how to water your garden in correct amount and correct schedule, you don’t have to worry any further because technology has extended its helping hand here too with an internet-linked smart solution for wetting your garden adequately and just on time.

This is Wise Orchard smart Wi-Fi water timer valve!

How does Wise Orchard Work?

Your plants need water. However, you know that you should not water them too much, neither too less. Plants’ need for water may change according to their species and the weather. Thus, different plants need different amounts of water. Also, when the climate is too hot and dry, the soil too may become dry and in that case, the plants will need water more frequently and in more amount. On the contrary, when the weather is wet, soil remains wet or damp, and in that case, you don’t need to water your plants too frequently as they may be damaged because of excess water.

Wise Orchard is a wireless water valve which is connected to the internet and thereby it collects local weather data automatically from several weather forecast sources and thousands of weather stations. This enables it to create your personalized watering plan within no time.

Plus, you just have to provide it information on your plants and soil, so that it will determine the watering requirements of your plants and adjust the watering schedule accordingly. What’s more, it will provide you with tips on better plant care.

And you can use and customize it through your smartphone! Isn’t that wonderful!

control Wise Orchard through smartphone

Saves Water, Time and Money

With Wise Orchard, your garden is watered just in the right amount because the device has knowledge about your local climate, your garden soil and plants with which it can adjust the watering schedule and quantity. Thus your garden is never watered too much or too less. It’s watered just in the right amount and your water is saved.

Since Wise Orchard smartly decides when to water your garden, you don’t have to keep guessing about this and your time is saved.

Also because with Wise Orchard, no excessive water is used for your garden, your water bill is reduced significantly and your money is saved too.

Smart Watering of Your Garden

With the “Smart Mode” of Wise Orchard, your watering schedule is customized for your zones. What’s more, it’s constantly updated according to the weather changes.

If you have made zones in your garden having plants with similar water needs, you just have to provide their information to Wise Orchard and it will decide the watering schedule and amount of water differently for different zones.

So, are you now feeling relaxed that there is something which will take up all your stress of when and in what amount to water your garden? Get a great peace of mind with Wise Orchard and become a smart gardener.

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