Garden Furniture – A Wide Variety to Choose From

garden furniture benchesIf there is no furniture in your garden, it seems to be lacking in something. To enjoy the beauty, serenity, greenery and natural fragrance of your garden you should be able to unwind there for which you should have comfortable garden furniture. But garden furniture is of a variety of types and you should choose just the right one for you. Here are some basics.

Types of Garden Furniture

Table and Chair Sets: A considerable sized table and 5 to 6 chairs enable you to have a fun time in the garden with your family and friends. These sets are available in sets of 2 to 8 chairs, offering sufficient room for large and small gatherings.

table and chair set

Loungers: Loungers are perfect for relaxing in your garden. Reclining chairs and loungers are stylish and comfortable and allow you to enjoy the beauty of your garden on a lazy, sunny day.


Benches and Arbors: Benches and arbors make a nice addition to a traditional garden as an intimate spot for enjoying greenery and sunshine.

garden furniture benches

Swings: If you want to swing in addition to reclining comfortably, a swing is the piece of furniture you should add to your garden. You can make a sweet addition by choosing a swing seat. This is ideal to relax with a loved one and children will love it the most.

swing for garden

Types of Materials

There is a variety of materials in garden furniture.


Wooden furniture features strength and durability. It fits flawlessly in a traditional garden. As wood doesn’t hold heat, it doesn’t get hot in summers. It also requires low maintenance. However you will have to treat it every year to avoid water damage and warping. Being heavier, it is also a bit difficult to quickly transfer from house to garden or vice versa.

hardwood garden furniture


This type of furniture has been tremendously popular. It is made from plastic-coated strands woven together providing a traditional look but with no risk of damp, damage or snagging of your clothes. This material is lightweight, easy to clean, weather-resistant and needs little maintenance.

rattan cube sets


Garden furniture made of metal offers an extensive range of designs and styles, both traditional as well as modern. Metal furniture is durable and needs low maintenance. Most designs today are rust-resistant too. The flexibility of metal offers the facility to be folded for easy and convenient storage. It’s usually light though this depends on the metal you have chosen and design.

metal garden furniture


Plastic is economical, very lightweight and less prone to damage. Plastic furniture is also easy to store by just stacking up. It’s weather-resistant but can warp if kept in sunlight for a longer time.

plastic garden furniture

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