Garden Party – Enjoy Quality Time with Your Dear Ones

fest-dinerThe lovely summer is stepping in! Days are becoming long, air sweet and it’s wonderful outdoors! Why not make the most of this short yet fantastic season by throwing a garden party? Garden parties need not be laborious. The backdrop of garden need not much decoration as it is already beautiful and you can order fresh hot dishes from a great food supplier like  Fest diner and have some quality time with your near and dear ones. Here are some awesome garden party ideas.

Theme Party

Having a theme for your garden party will help you focus on which food and decoration to choose, along with defining the style of your party. Ask your guests to dress up according to your theme. This will make them excited and will create the perfect atmosphere.


A garden party is an excellent excuse to show off your creativity seen in your garden. A couple of day before the party, finish weeding, mow the lawn and water all plant beds.

garden party decoration

Define the borders of the deck with plant containers. If you need to start from scratch, don’t get disheartened. Plant a cool combination of orange marigolds and red petunias, for example, for a Moroccan theme party, or for a tropical theme, go for oleander, cannas, bougainvillea and birds of paradise. Dining areas can also be defined with plant containers. And also you can control the inflow of traffic with them.

Deciding Spaces

Once you decide upon what kind of event you will arrange, take a keen look at your garden. Now you have to decide upon various spaces, like space for dining, lounging, and also area for serving food and drinks. Select the best locations for each of these and then define them.

Important is to create an air of an exterior living room so that your guests feel cozy. You can lay a big sisal mat for defining the dining area. Select colors like that of setting orange sun, blue sky, fuchsia flowers and so on. Setting up furniture informally and adding more seating with plush pillows is a nice idea too.

A garden party is thus an amazing idea to unwind in the company of your family and friends in a natural, beautiful and cool setting, in the cozy and pleasant atmosphere in summer.

garden party

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